I am back, felt good to share another one of my poems with you guys! Now I have to share something about me!! I opened my very first online store!! YAY ME!! I am selling Fashion Jewelry, and Clothes… I am selling for both men and women, so come check my stuff out I bet […]

This site is cool, you can buy any bands music too learn how to play it! They always have great deals going on… c’mon you know you want to check it out… Did you check it out?!?! Pretty cool right? Ok, I wont be so pushy… no really check it out & buy Korn’s music […]

I love S.O.A.D’s (System of a Down), style in music. As a girl that is Lebanese and her family is all from Beirut Lebanon, it’s really awesome to see someone from there. The lead singer Serj Tankian is Armenian however, he was born in Beirut Lebanon. With that said his music is Heavy Metal with […]

~Trying to hide the abuse, ~Finding every last excuse, ~So afraid to show my fear, ~Running from all that’s near, ~I had so many big dreams, ~My smile is not what it seems, ~Your face keeps haunting me, ~I was so damn blind to see, ~You tore out what was left of my heart, ~Leaving […]

KoRn, Korn has got too be the greatest Nu~Metal band in the world! Of course that is just my opinion. I have been in love with this band since the first day their first song and album was debuted, that was a happy day! It was instant crush/love and deep feeling for the style of […]

Godsmack Godsmack is a great band, they have their unique way of expressing themselves which is exactly what I love!!! Godsmack has been around from 1995, Geez I was only 15 so let’s learn about the members of the band: Sully Erna: He founded the band he is the lead singer and songwriter. He can […]