Music & Me

I was half asleep!
My daughter Amani with my ex-husband!

About Me…

My  son Donovyn!

Lets see I have always had a passion for writing. I also have always loved music that are distinct, what I mean by that, is you hear the song and it stands out and you think… “I know exactly who this is!” For instance, I first started liking… wait for it… “4 Non Blonds!”  HAHA, Crazy right? That was my opening to Metal music. I started listening to Metallica, Alice In Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, and so on. Then came the year 1994, I was 14 and will never forget when MTV debuted a new band and a new song. The new band was KoRn, and the new song was “Blind”, that was it!! I fell in love not only was the singer HOT, but I loved the song I could relate and his voice was sexy!! I was born in El Paso Texas, but I was raised in Las Vegas Nevada. I have 2 kids, my son Donovyn 11 years old and my daughter Amani 9 years old. They like most of my music choices they arebig fans of KoRn and Green Day,(havent introduced them too the heavy shit yet!) Post and tell me what you think, Should I let them hear bands like Satic~X, or Mudvayne, or even Megadeth?

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