I Am Back Again!!!

I am back, felt good to share another one of my poems with you guys! Now I have to share something about me!! I opened my very first online store!! YAY ME!! I am selling Fashion Jewelry, and Clothes…

I am selling for both men and women, so come check my stuff out I bet you will want to buy something!! I live in Vegas, so I know a good beat when I see one and this is a good bet! I sell anything from Gothic clothes/Fashion Jewelry – Hip Hop Styles, Jewelry – Trendy clothes/Jewelry, Punk Rock Styles (All types of Punk Ex. Steam Punk, Emo, Pop Punk, and more..) So here is the link…

Shop My World

IMG_0373  This is me saying Merry Christmas!! 

IMG_0372IMG_0367  This is me playing around!! 

Now I hope everything is up and running well(still kind of working on it), if not just leave a reply and let me know whats wrong or right). See you on the other side… Wink Wink who ever can guess what that phrase is from I will give each person 15% off any item in my store!! 

Shop My World…

Here is a little sample of what I am selling…


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