The Day She Committed Suicide…

My ears are ringing, sounds are muffled…                                                          Can’t see but a big white blur, everything is now shuffled…                          My body in excruciating pain, am I dying?                                                         I hear people around me, shouting and crying…                                              What’s going on?  Why can’t I fucking speak?…                                                  People are asking for me, why am I so weak?…                                              Hearing a sound I have heard before…                                                                  A loud pitch sound, I cannot feel anymore…                                                         Just before my hearing goes all the way deaf…                                                 I hear a man sadly say “Love was her death.”…                                              What did he mean by those words, I have no voice…                                      I can’t feel, can’t hear, can’t see, this wasn’t my choice…                              Fear now overcomes me, reality hits that I am dead…                                  Suicide was my dying fate, all the bullshit you fed…                                      People always wondered but never thought…                                                  That for my heart, and my sanity, I always fought…                                          I never thought I would be gone because of suicide…                                    Was always told just how much I always failed inside…                                To my family, remember, I am now okay…                                                        Will no longer fail in life, you will never say…                                              Don’t shed not even one more tear…                                                                  Goodbye, and remember I will no longer live in fear! 


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