System Of A Down

I love S.O.A.D’s (System of a Down), style in music. As a girl that is Lebanese and her family is all from Beirut Lebanon, it’s really awesome to see someone from there. The lead singer Serj Tankian is Armenian however, he was born in Beirut Lebanon. With that said his music is Heavy Metal with the style of Arabic Folk Music. They are not together as of now, Here is there discography:


These links take you to Wikipedia, where it talks all about the albums. System of a Down did have a reunion tour from 2010-2015. They also stated that they were working on a new album in 2016 hopefully they will release it in 2018!

The band members include:                                                                                                                   Current Members;

  1. Serj Tankian-  lead vocals, keyboards, rhythm guitar (1994–present)
  2. Daron Malakian-  lead guitar, vocals (1994–present)
  3. Shavo Odadjian-  bass, backing vocals (1994–present)
  4. John Dolmayan- drums (1997–present)

Former Members;

  1. Andy Khachaturian- drums (1994–1997)


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