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Jonathan Davis

Probably the most talented, sexy dude. Sorry, I had to throw that in there!! I own every song, every album, and ALL the movies he did a cameo or an appearance in… and just for those of you that didn’t know this but he was in a…X…X…X movie!!! OKAY, don’t all run to the Adult store at once! He did not perform in it, he just introduced the other “actors” & actresses” in the very beginning of the “movie” haha I fell for it too many years ago. The name os the “movie”  is “Backstage Pass 3” it was cool too see him in something other then an interview or video. He didn’t do much yet back then…? Oh, yeah I have been a huge fan of KoRn and in love with Jonathan since October 11th, 1994 the day Blind debuted on MTV. I was 14, and I will never forget that day, I fell in love and it was a happy day. Anyway, welcome to my site I hope you enjoy what you see here because I am doing the best I can to bring Music/Poetry into other peoples lives. Have Fun!